Edmund Boateng is a Columbus based artist specializing in Photography, Pencil Drawing and Film making. Art has been a part of who I am, as a child I discovered my love for creativity and often found myself passionately sketching images that I found fascinating and writing down on paper concepts to explore.

Growing up, in the city of Kumasi Ghana where I'm from, art was always all around me. With my father being a very talented shoe maker, and two uncles, one being an architect and the other a painter – I was surrounded by their diverse creativity everyday which inspired me to follow the family God giving talent.
But the interesting part is I have never taken any formal art or Photography education, oh yes I am a self-taught Artist! Which means I have spent many long days and nights dedicated to my craft, researching and learning new techniques to challenge myself.
As I grew in my talent, I began to draw celebrities from Ghana and showing it to families and friends, but then the adventures of life took me away from drawing, photography and film making for a very long time until I met my wife few years back. Her interest in art brought me back to my love for drawing again, doing photography and creating more content. Since then I have been practicing every day and today I am proud to call myself an ARTIST.
​ As I say in my own words “Being creative and putting smiles on people’s faces gives me joy and happiness in my soul” so I believe in art and believe in myself that God touches the souls of my audience through my ART.

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