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A new exhibition by Edmund Boateng opens June 5 at the Sharon Weiss Gallery, Columbus, OH. The exhibition features 12 photographs that will be on display until June 29.

In the exhibition ‘Yaafoa, Home is Calling’, Edmund Boateng self reflected to create art pieces that would connect viewers to his African heritage and culture.

Boateng is an artist based in Columbus Ohio and is most known for his three pieces of artworks that have become murals in the short north arts district and for his work shown in Sharon Weiss Gallery.


When asked about the art exhibition, Boateng said that while creating the most recent mural for the short north arts district temporary mural series, “One World”, he began to feel homesick for Ghana, and his family who are still living there, missing his mother Yaafoa mostly. This collection of photographs are a reflection of his heritage.


The ‘Yaafoa, Home is Calling’ art exhibition will move the gallery visitors with the powerful display of tradition, deep-rooted sense of African culture, and cutting edge portraits.



Contact info:

Name: Sharon Weiss Gallery

Address: 20 E Lincoln St,

Columbus, OH 43215

Phone: (614) 291-5683

Artist will be present in gallery June 5, 1 to 4 pm